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3 Effective Exercises To Jump Higher

Basketball JumpA persons’ vertical is measured by how high they jump. So, it only makes sense that in order to increase your vertical you need to work on exercises to jump higher. Not all jump higher exercises are alike, but they all have the same purpose: Increasing your vertical.

Follow these three effective exercises to jump higher carefully. If you do not then your time will be wasted. Don’t be afraid if you mess up because it only shows that you are giving the exercise effort.

1) Low Squat Ankle Jump – This is one of the unique basketball workouts to jump higher. Squat down low and stay on your toes. Make sure you do not rest on your heels because this takes away the effectiveness of the drill.

Stay in the squat position and bounce up and down on the balls of your feet. Do not get high enough so that your legs are straight. Try and keep your legs as close to your chest as possible.

Make sure that you use as much force as possible when you are bouncing. The harder you push, the stronger your leg muscles will be. Try and get into a consistent rhythm and focus on keeping that rhythm. This will move your focus from the strain on your legs to the rhythm of the exercise to jump higher.

Do the exercise for a certain amount of repetitions, take a rest and then do it again with more repetitions than the first time. The more you do, the stronger you will get. Keep reminding yourself whenever you do the workout.

If you really want to reap the benefits of this exercise go as low as you can. It will most likely strain your muscles a lot more, but it will be worth it later on the basketball court.

2) Power Skipping – This jump higher exercise is just like skipping as a child, except that you use a lot more effort and speed. Use a flat surface like a basketball court that you can skip down.

Start at one end and push off as hard as you possibly can with one foot while shooting the other leg into the air. Try and touch your knee to your chest. Alternate all the way down the court and repeat the other way down.

This point of this drill is not to see how fast you can get to the other end. You want to jump as far up as you can and not as far forward as you can.

One of the techniques to jump higher when power skipping is to get into a rhythm.

  1. Start by jumping off of your right foot with your left leg in the air
  2. Land back on your right foot
  3. Step forward with your left foot and jump off of your left foot with your right leg in the air
  4. Continue this all the way down the court

Make sure you push as hard as you can off of your foot.

3) Box or “4-star” drill – In this drill all you will need is enough room to make a box with each point spaced about two feet from each other. This is one of a few great ways to jump higher.

To start, imagine four different points on the ground in front of you that form a square and are about 2 feet apart. Number those four points one through four.

Stand on number one and jump with both feet to number two. Make sure to keep your feet together. Stepping forward with one foot completely ruins the drill and will not help you at all in your quest for a better vertical.

Next, jump to the side and land third spot doing everything the same. When jumping from the second spot, do not turn towards the third spot and jump forwards. You should have to jump sideways to get to spot three. Then you want to jump backwards to spot four, and to the left and back on spot one.

Instead of jumping clock-wise like you just did, jump counter-clockwise this time. Once you get back to spot jumping counter-clockwise you have done one repetition. Do as many as you can, and remember to keep your feet together.

If you want some variations of this exercise, then you can jump on one foot. But if you only jump with one foot, then you have to stay on that same foot throughout the workout. Once you have done your set amount of repetitions, switch feet and do the same thing.

These are just a few of the jumping higher exercises and leg workouts to jump higher that you can perform. Make sure you follow instructions and execute all of the drills properly. Always push your limits. If your muscles are not feeling any strain, then you are not doing enough repetitions. Try doing double the amount of repetitions that you did or at least work until you feel some strain.

If you really want to maximize your training be sure to check out some of our other guides. The best way to increase your vertical leap is to mix up the exercises you work on in order to tune your leg muscles for anything.

Jump ManualThe e-book Jump Manual is perfect for finding more effective exercises to jump higher.

The book  was written by a professional basketball trainer who has helped a number of professional and amateur athletes to increase their vertical.

If you really want to jump higher than you ever thought you could and reach heights you never thought were possible, then you definitely need to check out the Jump Manual.

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  • marlon July 13, 2009, 2:50 pm

    this is a great help to athletes that is starving hard to gain a higher vertical jump

  • LeBron August 17, 2010, 6:28 pm

    i use this all the time when im playing in different games this is a great and efective way to learn how to jump i will always encourge kids to do this if they want to go to the NBA never give up on your hopes and dreams

  • Colin December 19, 2010, 1:27 am

    I love power skipping. Nothing wakes up your jumping muscles better. We used to do these in warm ups for track, and I’ve just started using them in my jumping workout. The key is jumping high, not out.

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