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3 Vertical Jump Exercises to Increase Jumping Ability

3 Jumping ExercisesWhy do you want to increase your jumping ability? To get more rebounds, blocks, or be able to dunk? Whatever your reason, you have come to the right place.

Here we will teach you how to increase your jumping ability using three different exercises. These exercises WILL increase your jumping ability if you do them right. The three vertical jump exercises are:

  • Rhythmic Squat Jumps
  • Box Jumps
  • Standing Broad Jumps

These exercises for jumping are only for players who are willing to work hard to be able to jump higher. Only giving 50% effort in these exercises will not help AT ALL.

1) Rhythmic Squat Jumps – (also referred to as “leap-ups”) involve (you guessed it) jumping rhythmically. If you do not jump with a rhythm, then you are doing the exercise wrong.

First, you need to squat down to almost as low as you can go. Make sure you keep your balance though, because neither of us wants you to fall and hurt yourself (injury for you and bad publicity for us). ALWAYS be on the balls of your feet. Never jump or land on your heels.

Next, you must jump as high as you can from that squatting position. Use your arms as momentum to propel you. Your arms should start low and swing into the air as you jump. Try and compare yourself jumping to a cannonball exploding out of a cannon.

Pretend that you are trying to grab a basketball in the air every time you jump. Visualize yourself catching the ball. This is good to help focus.

Land on the balls of your feet and in one fluid motion squat down and explode back up using everything that you have just read. Keep doing this for a set amount of time. Make sure you keep a rhythm going.

If you lose your balance or mess up in any way, don’t worry. Just get back into position and keep going. Soon enough you will become an expert at it.

Always remember to be fluid, explode, and stay on the balls of your feet.

Also, you do not have to do it exactly like we say. You can mix things up and try the exercise with just one foot. As long as you follow the proper form you should be just fine.

Whatever variation you do, you can be certain that these jumping higher exercises will increase your jumping ability.

2) Box Jumps – Just because this exercise for jumping is called a box jump does not mean that you have to use a box. You can use stairs, a chair, or any other elevated (but sturdy) platform with a flat surface.

Make sure you start off with a low platform and work your way up. Start with both feet together flat on the ground with a box, or elevated surface, in front of you. Squat down just like the Rhythmic Squat Jump and explode up onto the platform. Then, you want to step off and repeat the process again.

There are other ways to do box jumps. You could do the jump with one foot, but make sure you start pretty low because it is usually harder to jump with only one foot. You could also try doing the jump rhythmically like the squat jump.

Squat down on the balls of your feet, explode up onto the box landing on the balls of your feet. Then, come down and repeat. Still keep in mind that you need to stay fluid throughout the jump. Just like the squat jump you need to remember to be fluid, explode, and stay on the balls of your feet.

This exercise is best done with a partner behind you, because if you fall backwards you will need someone to catch you to avoid injury. If you are doing a lower height, then a partner probably is not necessary, but it is extremely important to have a partner when you are doing a higher box.

3) Standing Broad Jumps – The Standing Broad Jump is a very explosive jump that really works your legs. All you need is a long, flat surface where you can jump (a Basketball Court is perfect). This drill is kind of like the childhood leapfrog where you jump forward instead of up.

In this drill you need to go as low as you can (on the balls of your feet, of course). Use all the same techniques as the Rhythmic Squat Jumps except that instead of jumping up, you jump forward as far as you can using both feet.

This drill does not need to be as fluid as the other two, just explode forward, keep your balance, and then explode forward again.

Try not to fall, but it is bound to happen as this is a very hard drill and takes a lot out of you. If you do just get back up like always and try again.

After you have jumped the length of the court a few times with two feet try using one foot. One-foot broad jumps are really, really hard, so it is expected that you will fall down. If you don’t fall, then you are almost always not trying hard enough or you are not jumping as far as you can.

Just like the others you need to explode and stay on the balls of your feet. Fluidness is not so much of a concern because it is a really hard exercise.

If you do the Standing Broad Jumps right, then your legs should be really sore the next day (and usually a few more days). If you are not, then you are not doing the exercise correctly.

These three exercises for jumping higher are designed to increase your jumping ability with little to no equipment required. When properly executed, these drills are designed to help increase your vertical drastically.

Always remember to stay on the balls of your feet and explode for each drill. Explosion in drills is crucial because it builds up your quickness. If you are jumping for a rebound in a game but do not explode up, then you WILL lose the rebound to your opponent, and you WILL look like an amateur.

Also note: you must continue these exercises over time. You cannot just do them once and expect to jump 5 inches higher. Try to make a schedule and work on certain exercises on certain days to maximize your muscle gain.

Jump ManualThe e-book Jump Manual is the perfect reference for all types of workouts designed to increase your vertical leap.

The author has helped increase the vertical of basketball players like professional dunkers, NBA players, and Olympic athletes.

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  • jump program November 1, 2010, 8:41 am

    The only exercise that boost my vertical jump is by doing plyometrics exercises. I tried box jump for my lower body workout. Box jump is really a helpful workout for the leg muscles. I tried box jump with squat jump and jump lunges and I saw a good result with my jump for only two weeks of doing this exercise. Just be careful always when doing this plyometrics exercise. Its a risky exercise specially to those who are not well educated about plyometrics.

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