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4 Important Tips on How to Jump Higher in Basketball

Four Tips To Jump HigherThis article will give you all kinds of tips on how to jump higher. The main purpose of this article is to help you use your jumping ability to its full potential in basketball. These tips will help you learn how to jump higher in basketball than you originally could.

There are many jump higher exercises that you can do, and a lot of them require almost the same type of work. Use these tips on how to jump higher whenever they apply to your workout. They will help you jump higher than before you used them.

Make sure you read all instructions carefully so you can get the most out of your workout. Every little bit counts when it comes to increasing your vertical.

1) Arms – When you jump make sure you swing your arms. This gives you momentum when your arms shoot into the air. Start with your arms straight out, as you crouch down to jump swing your arms down. Then as you explode into the air, swing your arms up as high as you can get them. If you jump without your arms, then you will not get as high as you are capable of getting.

When you jump up and hold your hands up pretend that you are getting a rebound. That way you will tune your body when you are trying to get a rebound in a real game. Pretty soon you will start naturally swinging your arms when you jump. This is a great sign because you will be jumping higher than before.

2) Learn your jumping style – This may be the most important of the tips on how to jump higher. There are two main types of jumping styles: speed and power. If you know your style, then you will have a better knowledge of how you should train. Use this section to help determine which jumping style is yours.

Speed – You are a more fluid and natural jumper. Your jumping can be described as springy or bouncy. You are usually better at jumping off of one foot rather than two. You are not always very strong (there are exceptions). Smaller players are usually, but not always, speed jumpers.

Power – You are a more explosive jumper who jumps using pure strength. Instead of being a bouncy jumper, you are a powerful jumper. You are usually better when jumping off of two feet instead of one. You are usually naturally stronger and bigger than speed jumpers. Bigger players are usually, but not always, power jumpers.

Basketball JumpSpeed jumpers will get the best results on their vertical by doing high-load workouts like squats (see Overview of Different Jump Workouts). These workouts will help the most because your legs naturally push you into the air higher. If you can add strength to your natural ability, then you will be dunking in no time. Heavy load exercises are great for people wanting to learn how to jump higher to dunk.

Power jumpers will get their best results from plyometric workouts and exercises that require constant motion and not necessarily require weight. These workouts will help the most because your legs already have natural strength, you just need to teach them how to move correctly and make up for what speed jumpers have naturally.

Note: Just because you are a speed jumper that does not mean you should not also do plyometrics and constant motion exercises. And, just because you are a power jumper does not mean you should also not do heavy load exercises. You should at least do a little of everything, you just want to emphasize certain things more.

3) Variety – Even though an exercise may work to increase your vertical, try and switch things up after a while. Doing only one exercise will keep your muscles tuned to just that one workout, making them less capable to do other types of workouts that require the same muscles.

If you are working out at a gym, try using a different machine than you normally do to work the same muscle. This will tune the specific muscle to be able to work more than one way.

4) Intensity – Whenever you are doing a workout, exercise, or playing a game you should always be intense. Intensity helps you focus on the work you are doing and makes you care less about the pain. Intensity trains your mind to help you work harder. If you are intense you focus on the goal ahead of you.

Intense Basketball PlayerPicture this: You put two athletes with the exact same jumping ability together. You tell one to jump with intensity and the other to just jump. The athlete who jumps with intensity will win 10 times out of 10 because of the intensity. Being intense shows that you are willing to do the work.

Make sure you use all of these tips whenever they apply to the exercise you are doing. Just because one of the tips seems weird does not mean not to do it. Each one will help you get the most out of your exercises and increase your vertical jump.

If you are doing a workout do not be afraid to breath loudly or grunt. It sounds weird, but making noise can take your mind off of the pain of the exercise that you are doing. There have been athletes who have said that making a little extra noise helps them lift five pounds more than if they did not make noise. Every little bit counts in workouts. So if all you have to do is something as harmless as making noise, then go ahead and do it.

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  • honey@howtojumphighertodunk December 9, 2009, 3:05 am

    Now – it really doesn’t matter how short you are – you are not forever destined not to have that perfect leap – just a lot of hard work, a good diet can give you the desired result of a great jump – and a good game.

  • dave June 7, 2010, 11:20 am

    it is goooooooooooooooooooooood,if it works.

  • Ryusei July 25, 2010, 3:49 am

    I’m only 170 cm tall, will I able to dunk?

  • Colin November 22, 2010, 7:58 am

    That’s a great point about speed jumpers and power jumpers. But I’ve found that using plyometrics for both kinds of jumpers is always good, but you do have to have intensity for it to work because plyometrics will train your body to jump and to jump powerfully when done right. So you can’t shortcut yourself, otherwise you’ll never get results.

  • diego cantonjos December 2, 2010, 4:54 am

    I’LL try this at home .,.,,.thank you for the imformation!

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