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Off-Season is Important: Increase Your Vertical and Boost Your In-Season Play

Basketball CourtAsk any coach and there is no doubt that they will tell you the same thing: the off-season is almost more important to the success of an athlete than the in-season.

This is due in large part to the fact that only so much can physically be accomplished during a sports season – there are games, days off, and travel time, al of which require different modes of focus apart from simply working steadily on a technique such as a vertical jump.

When the season ends, time dramatically opens up for such focused training, and wise and seasoned athletes will take advantage of this optimum workout opportunity.

What is the Off-Season

Any time that you are not participating in a school-sanctioned sport, that is technically the off-season time for that sport. While most sports have regulations regarding when a coach can or cannot work with an athlete, there are no limits to what athletes can work on by themselves.

While it may be wise to take a short break immediately following the close of your sports season to allow your body and mind to recuperate, be careful not to wait too long before getting back on the workout horse.

Studies have shown that it takes mere days for the body and its muscles to begin losing valuable tone – something that all athletes know is much harder to build back up once lost than it is to maintain once you have achieved it.

What Workout Options Do I Have

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to a gym or sport-specific workout facility; either way, you should be able to do whatever exercise program you desire, both in a gym and in the privacy of your home.

The benefit to using a gym is that you will almost always have access to trainers and sport experts to help you in your quest to jump higher, move faster, and boost your overall in-season performance.

A gym is also not subjected to the whims of the weather, as outdoor facilities are, and they often also offer the added benefit of tracking materials to help you carefully measure your progress.

Persistence is Key

No matter where you decide to work out in the off-season, the most important thing you can do is to remain consistent. Working out sporadically, or even consistently but only a day or two per week, will not help you reach your goals and maximize your jumping abilities.

You will need to give your workout program focused attention, and be disciplined to hone your skills and sharpen your technique day in and day out.

While you may not see immediate results, when the season rolls around again and you find yourself to me faster stronger, and more able than those around you, the rewards will be endless.

Not only will you have an edge over both your teammates and your competition, but you will also find that your core will be stronger, allowing you to work harder for longer, with fewer propensities for injury along the way.

Can a Better Vertical Really Help Me

Sports are competitive arenas, where the strongest, fastest, and most capable athletes get the best spots and often get the most playing time. If you had a vertical jump that surpassed both your teammates and your competition, there is no way that it would not be a benefit to both you and your team.

While there are many sports, such as volleyball, that rely on a good vertical as a foundation to the sport itself, other sports – such as soccer or football – also have a need for athletes with strong vertical jumping abilities. It is one more way to get the edge on an opponent, and the side benefits (a stronger core, better quickness and agility) will only add you your all-around play as well.

Ultimately, the athlete that is willing to put in the time during the off-season is an athlete that is committed to achieving excellence both for themselves and for their team as a whole. This will contribute to the overall team success, and will make the season more enjoyable and more competitive for everyone involved.

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