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Unusual Yet Effective: 3 Fresh Vertical Training Techniques to Try

ParkourIf you, like countless others in pursuit of increasing your vertical jump, simply JUMP all the time, you are failing to tap into a huge part of your body: the smaller muscles in your legs.

You are also failing to challenge your body to move in different directions, which will strengthen your muscles equally and in multiple ways.

Three unusual yet effective techniques to help you get to the next level in your jump training are:

  • Resistance band training
  • Dance training
  • Parkour training

These unique, fresh, and just plain fun exercises will let you breathe new life into both your exercise regimen and your muscle memory, allowing you to tap into a greater potential for jumping than you have previously seen.

1. Resistance Band Training: Get Your Shave On

Consider a typical razor, one on with multiple blades and a swivel head to boot. Sure, you could get the job done by simply shaving straight up and straight down, but that is not how the razor was designed to optimally function.

There is a reason that it was built to move and pivot: it is so that the blades can adjust to the contours of the body and get as close to the skin as possible. By utilizing this multi-faceted feature of the razor, you are getting a better shave and maximizing on the razor’s potential for productivity.

Likewise, the muscles in your legs are not made for simple up and down movement. They are complex, created to be able to handle lateral movement, quick bursts of movement, and much more.

Tap into this by using resistance bands, which allow for a smooth yet hardcore workout that can target small muscle groups just by adjusting the point of resistance. Want to work your Achilles area? Tie a band around your toe, hold on to the opposite end, and do some toe raises.

By adjusting the angle of the band, you will be able to change the muscles and tendons that bear the brunt of the exercise. The same goes for just about any muscle in the body.

2. Dance, Dance Revolution

The polls are in: dancing is not just for the Stars any more, and the athletic world is better for it.

Professional athletes have been looking to alternative exercise regimens such as yoga, Pilates, and ballet for years, but more recently athletes have been flocking to these a-typical forms of exercise in droves.

The fact of the matter is that dance movements all come back to core strength and flexibility. While a twirl or deep curtsy may seem silly, the motions are actually honing and tightening the abdominals and lower back muscles, as well as helping to stretch the leg muscles at the same time.

Since jump training depends on the ability of muscles to work together like a flawless machine, dance motions and techniques go a long way toward helping the muscles of your body find new ways to work together, all while boosting core flexibility and strength.

Consider taking a class at your local gym, or even going online, as there are many Youtube and Netflix videos available free of charge that you can implement into your home workouts easily and quickly.

Countless professional athletes can’t be wrong – alternative dance techniques really do work, and they are changing the way that athletes’ bodies perform for the better.

3. Parkour: Spiderman in Action

A street sport that was first made popular in France, Parkour is known by many via the term “free running.” Chances are you have seen clips in YouTube of people vaulting fences, scaling walls, and leaping from object to object.

Runners utilize the force and speed they create and turn that kinetic energy into fluid movements that – thanks to small muscle movement, muscle memory, and quick motions – allows them to harness agility and quickness that most people only dream of.

If you want to increase your vertical, sometimes it is best to think outside the box, and Parkour lets you do just that. It will wake up your body and your muscles and require them to work in unfamiliar ways. This prevents that dreaded “plateau” that can plague even the most dedicated athletes.

If finding new and creative ways to stay fit, increase your vertical jump, and boost your body’s power and core strength sounds good to you, then go out and try something new today!

Jump ManualA great option is The Jump Manual, which offers a unique and tested method of jump training. It is a program that is geared towards maximizing your jumping ability and giving you a competitive edge no matter your sport.

Based on scientific research and experience, it provides techniques guaranteed to overcome all your potential jump training obstacles and maximize your vertical easily and efficiently.

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