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Overview of 4 Different Vertical Jump Workouts

This article will give you many different vertical jump workouts that are great for basketball players. The main purpose of all of these exercises is to increase the height of your vertical jump. Jump workouts work so well because they strengthen the muscles needed to be able to jump higher.

Some of these exercises require equipment, while others need nothing but your determination to succeed.

Use this Overview of Different Vertical Jump Workouts to help you test different workouts to help you jump higher and choose your favorite. Do not worry if you cannot do some of these exercises perfectly because mastery of the workouts comes from a lot of time and effort. If you put time and effort in, then you will soon become an expert.

Make sure you stretch before all workouts. You do not want to pull something and not be able to play basketball for a little while.

1) Squats – Squats require a barbell (just like you would use for benching) and weights to go on the barbell. It is one of many workouts to jump higher that can really improve your vertical.

To perform a squat, rest the barbell centered on your shoulders and squat down low. Then, slowly rise back up keeping the bar parallel to the ground. Remember to always keep your back straight and never to be hunched over.

When you first start squatting, go with a pretty light weight and just aim for repetitions. That way you can get the hang of the squatting motion before you start really lifting.

Barbell SquatIf possible, you might want to put padding on the part of the barbell where it rests on your neck because all of the weight from the barbell resting on your neck can make your neck sore. If you do not have padding you could always put a towel between your neck and the bar. Neck padding is not needed to do the exercise, but your neck will thank you later if you do.

When you are lifting weights, especially when they are more than you normally lift, make sure you have a spotter with you. A spotter is a lifting partner who stands behind you and makes sure you don’t get hurt while lifting. Spotters are recommended for anyone, no matter how strong they are.

2) Standing Hip Abduction – A more moderate jumping workout that does not require weights is the Standing Hip Abduction. All you need to do is find a wall or something else you can lean against.

Lean your hand against the wall and raise your raise your opposite leg as high as possible. Try and hold this position for around 5 seconds. Then, slowly let your leg go back down and repeat. Now do the same with your other leg. You should feel tightening in your outer hips and glutes. If you do not, then try holding your leg up for even longer.

If you want to really push yourself then hold your leg up for as long as you can and time it. Try to do the exercise again and beat your first time without resting in between. If you push yourself, then you should be able to make it.

3) Jump Rope – Jump ropes are not just for little girls. They are a great way to build speed, agility, strength, or warm you up before a workout. Of all the vertical jump workouts, jumping rope may be the most surprising to people.

Jump RopeIf you are jumping rope to warm up, then just jump slowly. Make sure you keep a rhythm and do not slam the ground when you land.

When jumping rope, you should not even be able to hear your feet touch the ground because you are just jumping lightly.

If you are looking to get a workout then start out slowly, and then rapidly increase your speed.

Don’t worry if you mess up, because everyone has to start somewhere and pretty soon you will become a pro at jumping rope. Jumping rope is a really great way to increase your leg speed and strength.

When you start off, you can use any jump rope (borrow your little sister’s for all that we care). But, if you really want to increase your speed, agility, and strength then you want to get a speed rope. Speed ropes are the best kind of jump rope for what you are looking to accomplish. They always move as fast as you swing them and are designed to cut through air with amazing speed.

4) Sprints – Ah yes, the dreaded sprints. Sprints are an extremely great basketball workout because not only do they help build the leg muscles needed for a higher vertical, they also get you into great basketball shape.

Even though sprints may not be your favorite activity, it is important that you do them and push yourself to your limits. Jogging WILL NOT help you here; only sprints.

Find a flat surface that is 25 yards or longer. A basketball court is perfect. Sprint as hard as you can back and forth along the length of the court. Don’t stop until you absolutely have to. When you do stop, get a drink of water and start running again.

Make sure every time you turn around and run back along the basketball court you bend down and touch the line. If you are not running on a basketball court, then pretend that there is a line for you to touch every time you turn around. This may seem like a little detail, but it is extremely important because that little motion works your leg muscles a lot more than you think.

Throughout all of these exercises you need to push your body to its farthest possible limits. If you set a goal to jump rope 100 times in a row, then why not go for 125 as soon as you reach 100. Or maybe try and sprint down the length of the court 10 more times even though you cannot feel your legs. Little things like that can make the biggest difference in the world. Fatigue is a mental problem, so beat it by just doing a little more than you thought you could.

A great way to motivate yourself is to tell yourself that your opponent probably is not working out like you are right now. So every repetition, extra length that you run, and rope you jump puts you that much farther than your opponent.

Jump ManualThe e-book Jump Manual is the perfect reference in which to find more than just an overview of different vertical jumping workouts.

The e-book’s author has increased the vertical of professional basketball players.

He consistently helps athletes increase their vertical by as many as 15 inches. If you really want to jump as high as possible then it is highly recommended that you get the Jump Manual.

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