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Why It Is Sometimes Best To Cheat Your Vertical Jump Diet

HamburgerYou have been following all of the rules. The experts say you must eat a balanced, protein and nutrient rich diet to get the super vertical jump you always want.

Now you almost dream about treating yourself to a special meal that would spoil your healthy diet and you do not know what to do.

Chances are you have assumed the worst. You believe that your craving of a hearty steak with a loaded potato or a rich, sugary piece of chocolate cake is a sign of your failure.

You wonder if it means that you cannot keep up the healthy diet you have maintained. If you cannot eat right you will not stay trim enough to increase your jump.

Perhaps you wonder if it is some kind of subliminal message of your mind telling your body that it cannot complete the training.

The truth is that none of these beliefs are true. You are not failing yourself nor are you failing at your program. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

This is a sign that your body is getting used to a new healthy lifestyle instead of just dieting. Sometimes, it is not a bad thing to treat yourself.

Punishing yourself for something you believe is a backslide is not how to jump higher. It is the way to lose motivation and quit. Your body is going through changes.

You are working hard. Rewarding yourself for your hard work is essential to keeping up your persistence and commitment.


Cheating your diet occasionally is a normal, healthy action that can actually improve your diet success. This is the habit of re-feeding. When you have a cheat meal, you boost the leptin in your body.

Leptin is also referred to as the starvation hormone. This is the hormone that tells your body to start consuming body fat in order to stay fueled.

Additionally, an occasional reefed will boost growth hormone levels to help build the muscles needed for your vertical jump.

It will increase your glycogen levels which helps to produce the proteins needed for new muscle tissue developed during jumping workouts. Building new muscle tissue takes fuel.

Therefore, your body will further consume body fat for energy. Your thyroid hormone levels will be renewed to increase metabolism.

If you are losing at least 2 pounds of body fat each week, you are safe to re-feed. It will increase your fat loss.

It is best if you break it out into two separate meals. You will be adding 100 additional calories of carbohydrates each to two meals. You should do this one day per week.

Since you are treating yourself, practically any source of carbohydrates will do. It may be cereals, ice cream, or your favorite candy. It can be for breakfast or supper, as long as it is any two meals in one day.

Preferably, they should be consecutive meals. It is important that you minimize the fat and meat during these meals because it will negatively impact your digestion and metabolism, counteracting the goal of re-feeding.

Always remember to get back on track after your re-feeding meals. It is perfectly acceptable to reward yourself. However, if you stay slack on your diet for the rest of the day or week your vertical jump is going to suffer because you will gain weight.

People will do better if they allow themselves to cheat their diets from time to time. Rewarding yourself for a job will help you stay motivated. It is okay to cheat.

Do not worry, you can still enjoy an occasional sweet treat and still get the phenomenal vertical jump you have always desired.

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