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Persistence Is a Key to a Better Vertical Leap

ClimbersIf you have ever paid attention to baseball, you have probably heard an interesting fact about the baseball legend Babe Ruth.

Of course, Babe Ruth held an amazing record for his ability to hit home runs.

However, he also holds a considerable strike out record as well.

Why the contradiction? Why is someone so spectacular and so awful at the same accomplishment?

The answer is persistence. You must always persist, persist, persist with the upmost perseverance!

That is the secret to his success and it will be the secret to your success in your jump program. If you keep at it and stay focused, you will have a remarkable vertical leap.

Thomas Edison’s inventions were critical to the society we live in. However, he has hundred of more useless and failed inventions than successful ones. This fact does not make him any less brilliant or essential.

It does not matter goal. Whenever you examine the records and performance of any superstar, you are bound to see more failures than successes.

The players with the best vertical jump have more jumps that fall short to their name than sky high leaps. However, they keep trying and the success they do have is spectacular.

No matter how hard you try at it, you are going to have a failure. The longer you work toward you goal, your number of failures will increase. However, your number of successes will also increase.

This is the law of averages. You can only fail so many times before you will hit the target.

You may not hit the target every time. You will hit the target far more than the person with less time training and with less failures under their belt.

The most successful people will keep at it, no matter how many times they miss their target, and use the law of averages to their advantage.

Vertical jump programs are dependent on persistence. Day in day out, you must maintain your resolve to do all that you can. It is a mental strength that will help you stay on course. This mental strength will virtually guarantee your success.

You are probably saying this is a great philosophy, but what about when you do not see results? It is easy to stay persistent when you see an improvement, but sometimes it may take longer.

This is when you will need perseverance. You will need to address your negative thoughts. Learn to replace them with logical, positive thoughts that include short term and attainable goals.

This is also a good time to visualize yourself in the future. If you keep up your plyometric workouts, think about how advanced you will be.

Possibly right now you are only jumping a few inches higher every 10th time you jump. If you keep up the steady work, can you see yourself jumping 2 inches higher in over 50% of your jumps?

If you persist for 6 months, will you be able to jump 5 inches more in over 75% of your jumps?

This type of visualization can make or break your training program. You have to see yourself jumping higher. You have to envision yourself bursting forth with sudden and powerful energy.

If you can keep up this type of visualization, it will help you persist and meet your goals.

Giving up now is the worst thing you can do. If you give up and convince yourself you will try again in the future, your mind will forever believe it has a way out.

However, if you persist in your commitment you will see your ratio of success begin to increase sharply and so will your vertical jump.

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