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Move the Obstacles in Your Way to a Better Jump

ObstaclesIf you were driving in your car and came across a roadblock, what would you do? You would pull out a map and find the best detour.

You would not make a u-turn and go home because of one obstacle. You would not let anything keep you from your ultimate destination.

This policy is probably true for many aspects of your life. If you need to meet a deadline but have hit a speed bump, you find alternative ways to accomplish your goal. This is because it is easy to see the rewards of your work.

However, when it comes to something that requires true self-motivation, like a commitment to athletic training, it is highly probable you let obstacles come between you and your goals.

It is too easy to let speed bumps keep you from your training goals. Almost 80% of all people who fail at training failed due to a mental issue and not a physical one.

If you want to increase vertical leap abilities, you have to learn how to get over and move past obstacles quickly.

A great way to face the obstacles in your way is to formally acknowledge them. Take time to think about each issue and write it down on paper.

Then, think about each obstacle. Try to develop a strategy to overcome each one.

It is important that you not dismiss any small obstacle or discredit any significant one. For example, are you spending time with people who discourage you and think you will not meet your goals?

Is a gym or weight room not as accessible as you need it to be? Are you having trouble staying motivated? Is your schedule too busy to allow for the training time needed?

You must ask yourself thorough questions like this to discover your obstacles. Then, it is time to devise a strategy to find a detour around those roadblocks.

For example, if your peers are not supporting your goals it is time to shut them out. You may not need to remove them from your life, but stop talking about your training and giving them the opportunity to bring you down.

If a gym or weight room is not easily accessed, then you need to start thinking out of the box. Any good jump manual should offer you alternatives to an official gym for training.

Many times, homemade or cheap store-bought products are even more effective than their gym alternatives.

If you are having trouble staying motivated, there is a simple solution. A training partner is the best solution to your problem. Find someone else with a similar ability and similar goals.

If you train together, you will be accountable to one another and it will help you stay on track.

Finally, if your schedule is not allowing for your vertical jump commitment, then you may not be as committed as you think. To get a vertical jump gain of several inches you are going to need to spend serious time working out, eating right, and making healthy choices.

If you cannot prioritize those things, then this may not be the time for you to start this kind of training.

However, you should examine your schedule thoroughly before you give up. Are you spending an extra hour watching the morning news when you could be training? Chances are, there is more non-prioritized time in your schedule than you think

There is literally no obstacle that cannot be overcome. You just have to start truly examining the problem and get creative about resolving it. If you can do that, you will start making better progress in your vertical leap training.

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