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Women Can Get an Amazing Vertical Jump Too

Female jumpingIf you have paid attention to any sports media outlet, you are bound to have noticed that women’s basketball is taking up more and more of the spotlight.

At the Olympics, the stands are just as full for the women’s finals as the men’s.

Colleges worldwide are expanding their athletic programs to include women’s basketball and groom future professional players.

Female players everywhere train to perfect their game, which includes training for an amazing vertical jump.

A fundamental law of how to jump higher in basketball is that all people were created equal. While men generally have more muscle than women, a woman’s muscle is just as efficient.

Women have the same ability to build muscle as a man. They can train to make the same height gains as men.

Training Is Universal

The key to having an amazing vertical jump is to increase the right kind of muscle training. Muscles are essentially composed of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

It is the fast twitch muscle fibers that let an athlete get the explosive jump that is essential to excel at basketball and plenty of other sports such as volleyball and softball.

No matter what your gender, you must improve your fast twitch muscles to get the vertical jump you want.

Plyometrics are generally the best way to train and increase fast twitch muscle fibers. The philosophy of a plyometric program is that you can make your muscles more efficient to achieve explosive strength.

Plyometric based jump workouts increase the quantity, strength, and agility of the fast twitch muscle fibers. Additionally, the goal is to retrain the slow twitch fibers to act more quickly like fast twitch fibers.

Typically, this training is accompanied by general fitness and nutrition improvement that support muscle strength.

Woman-Specific Training Tips

Plyometrics can be as effective for women as for men. Both genders can achieve the same proportional gains. However, there may be certain part of the training program which should to be adapted for women.

First, the natural build of a female tends to put excess weight around the abdominal area. It is very natural and healthy for women to have a slightly higher body fat percentage than men. However, this abdominal weight is literally weighing you down.

Your abdominal muscles are an essential part of getting an explosive vertical jump. They help you pull and propel your body upward.

Therefore, it is essential that you add abdominal muscle training to your plyometric workouts. This will help you counteract your body’s natural tendency to store fat in your abdomen.

Secondly, women have a higher probability of suffering a knee injury. The natural bone placement and wider hips of a woman puts the knees at a slight angle when planting the feet before a jump.

Also, the monthly hormone fluxuation that occurs leaves joints weaker at certain times. Finally, women’s shoes, especially high heels, often keep the knee at a slightly hyper-extended angle and the knee must be allowed to rest before attempting training.

It is important that you do all you can to support your knees while you are training and playing. Using knee supportive braces are a start, but they are not the only ways to keep your knees healthy.

Eat a diet that is rich in joint-health nutrients like calcium. Try to limit how often you wear heel elevated shoes. Furthermore, always made sure you have thoroughly warmed up your knees before beginning your training.

Next Steps

These tips will help any woman train more efficiently and safely. Since the principles of plyometrics works the same for both genders, a quality program should deliver the results you want.

Avoid any “miracle” program promising unrealistic gains because it could be safe. Under the advice of a plyometric program you can trust, you will start to see real results.

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