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9 Essential Components of an Effective Vertical Jump Program

Nine Components

Any basketball player who has ever worked to attain a higher vertical has his or her own jumping program.

This section will teach you all the essentials and aspects you need to make a Vertical Jump Program designed just for you.

Use these nine essential components of an effective jump program to help you build a schedule and know what you will need to do to maximize your exercise gains.

1) Stretch – It is crucial to always stretch before your workout. If you don’t your muscles will be tight and you could pull something. Know what part of your body you are going to exercise and stretch that before you start.

2) Train with Speed – Whenever you are doing a workout/exercise always do the motions quickly. Doing an exercise rapidly is essential when it comes to training your leg muscles to move quicker.

You do not want to be like a bodybuilder who does their repetitions slowly in order to increase muscle size. Your goal is to increase the amount of force that your legs can push. Every little bit of force that your legs are able to push puts you that much closer to dunking in a game.

If all you are looking to do is make your calf muscles bigger, then this probably is not for you.

3) Strength Training – Do not be afraid to use weights to train your legs. If you want to reach your full potential, then you will have to weight train sooner or later.

Leg PressThere is no set way to work out using weights. When you want to increase your leg strength and how much force you leg can apply, then you want to do a higher percentage of your maximum lift with less repetitions. When you want to work on speed and how fast your legs can move, then you do a lower percentage of your maximum lift with more repetitions.

Your maximum is the highest amount of weight that you can lift or push. If someone wants to lift 50% of their 150-pound maximum, then they would lift 75 pounds. This would train both speed and strength at a pretty equal amount.

Try and figure out what you want to work more and adjust the percent of your maximum accordingly. Try alternating sometimes to build both. Make sure you adjust your vertical jump program in accordance to what you want to work on more.

4) Explosion – Every exercise with the exception of weight training requires you to explode. By explode I mean jump as far as you can in an explosive way. Kind of like a cannonball exploding out of a cannon.

Exploding during exercises helps tune your muscles for quick movements necessary on the basketball court. In order for you to get the most out of your vertical jumping program, you need to explode every time.

5) Effort – Always give every exercise your full effort. Anything less than 100% effort will get you little or no satisfying results.

If you train your leg muscles to only work 50% as strong as they are capable, then that is exactly how strong they will be come game-time.

6) Schedule – Try and make up a workout schedule that you can follow to help build leg muscles effectively.

Maybe you would do calf workouts the first day, and then work on your thighs the next. Or you could train your muscles for speed one day, and strength the next. You could keep alternating so each muscle has enough time to recover from the exercise.

There are so many different ways to design your own jumping program. Experiment to find the best jumping program for you.

7) Eat Right – The way you eat is just as important as the way you work out. You could be using one of the best vertical jumping programs in the world, but you will still not be able to reach your full potential if you go out and eat a fast food burger after your workout.

Try to avoid high sugar foods like soda, candy, and other sweets. Cutting back on sugar will improve your exercise results more than you think.

Processed foods are also something you should avoid eating whenever possible. A processed food is food that has been treated with chemicals so that they store longer on a shelf like potato chips or cream puffs. Instead, eat whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grain bread.

Proteins help you build muscle and lose fat. Eating high-protein foods or drinks after a workout is a great way to increase strength.

When planning a meal for after one of your jumping programs you want to avoid these things as much as possible:

  • Fried food
  • Soda
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods
  • White bread

These are not all of the foods you should avoid, but they are major things that can stunt muscle growth.

8) Focus – Any athlete who has ever been successful with what they have done will tell you that becoming successful requires a lot of focus and determination.

Set goals for yourself and focus on reaching them. If you just “sort of” work towards your goals, then you will never reach them. You have to always focus and think about what you are going to do to reach your goal.

goalsDetermination is what separates the great athletes from the average ones. Determination is what pushes you to do another set, even though you have already done what you planned on. Or it is what drives you to do a one-foot standing broad jump down the court one more time, even though your legs are so sore that you cannot even feel them.

You have to be determined if you want your jump program to work. It also takes determination to eat healthy and to not put junk in your body.

The most important aspect of basketball is a player’s ability to focus and be determined in what they do. A focused and determined athlete can get twice as much done as an unfocused and undetermined athlete.

9) Mentality – You need to have the right mentality when you go into the gym (basketball or weight room). Never go into training unsure of what you are going to do. Know what you will do during your workout.

When doing your jumping program, never doubt that you will succeed in what you are doing. Fatigue is more mental than it is actually physical. If you believe that you can do it, then you will do it. It is that simple.

Mentality is arguably the most important of the nine essential components of an effective vertical jump program.

Jump ManualThe e-book Jump Manual is the perfect reference to find all types of components of an effective jump program.

The author is a professional basketball trainer. He has a lot of success stories from people using his system.

Jump Manual is a great place to help you along in your journey to an amazing vertical.

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    Yea right. I also believe with this 9 essentials. Your desire patience and hard work will really bring you to your goal.

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    The benefits of having a good leap vertical program, in volleyball is obvious, the ability to play above the net to drive a spike or block an opponent. Football players, particularly receivers know well the benefits of being able to get up.

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