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Vertical Jump Bible Review

Vertical Jump BibleThere are so many different methods of training to increase your vertical jump. Sometimes it is hard to know what is what in vertical jump training that is when you need help.

That is where the ebook Vertical Jump Development Bible comes in. This is a Vertical Jump Development Bible review designed to tell you all about the book.

The Vertical Jump Bible is a great resource for athletes looking to increase their vertical jump. It has already helped many basketball players increase their vertical by a huge amount of inches.

“What kind of training did those basketball players do?” you might ask.

The most common answer to that question is plyometrics. Plyometrics are quite possibly the most effective and efficient way to increase your vertical.

The Vertical Jump Bible goes in-detail to describe every aspect of plyometrics. It is 140+ pages of page-to-page information stuffed into it. There is so much information that it is almost impossible for you to not increase your vertical if you use the plyometrics explained in the book.

The author, Kelley Baggett, has improved his vertical from 23 to 42 inches using the program in the ebook. He has spent thousands of hours training and helping other athletes looking to improve their vertical.

The Vertical Jump Bible starts out by explaining the aspects of a vertical jump. It then goes on to list the 10 key qualities that you will be focusing on when doing the exercises from the book. Then it moves on to explain how strength affects all of the workouts that you do.

The book provides a whopping 16 complete plyometric exercises for all skill levels. There are even programs designed to fit a busy schedule. The book describes every exercise in detail, so you will never be lost and unable to understand what to do.

Everything from warm-ups to workouts is explained. There is never any doubt about what you should do during your workout.

Later in the book, Kelly talks about other things that relate to plyometrics, but are not part of the actual workout. He talks about a common misconception in the athletic world and how it is really not true, he explains different muscle fiber types, he discusses whether you should get certain equipment to enhance the exercise, and so much more. The book is loaded with everything you need to know about plyometrics and your vertical jump.

The book ends with Kelly explaining his personal story of how he got to the vertical he now has by testing various workouts. It also explains why his exercises do not require a lot of repetitions. They are so effective that you do not even need to do a lot of them.

The Vertical Jump Bible also comes with two bonus ebooks. One of the bonus books is “The Body Composition Nutritional Basics”, which explains how to manipulate your body and eat right to improve your strength. The other bonus book is the “The Mental Advantage”, which teaches you how to motivate yourself and how to set goals and achieve them. These two ebooks are valuable knowledge added onto an already incredibly valuable knowledge source in the Vertical Jump Bible.

If you are an athlete looking to improve your vertical and get real results on the basketball court, then the Vertical Jump Bible is just the thing for you. It is the perfect reference for everything plyometrics. When you get the book and start reading it, know that what you are reading has taken thousands of dollars and hours to discover. That is what makes this book so much more unique than others.

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