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The Jump Manual Ebook Review

The Jump ManualThe key to almost any successful basketball player is his ability to jump high. Look at any athlete in the NBA who is not gifted with a seven-foot tall body.

Chances are that that athlete can jump really high. They may have been born with natural ability, but they still had to train to get to where they are now.

Knowing how to train is extremely important. There are so many different methods out there today that it is hard to tell which one you should use and how to use it. Certain methods stick out, but everyone is different so results can always vary.

Because there are so many different training methods, it is hard to know what you need to do for each method. That is why you need help. And, help comes in the form of an ebook written by man who has trained NBA and Olympic basketball players. A man who has helped numerous athletes increase their vertical by over 20 inches. This ebook is the Jump Manual. If you really want to learn about plyometrics and all of the other proven training methods, then you need to get the ebook Jump Manual.

The author of Jump Manual, Jacob Hiller, has trained athletes on every level to increase their vertical jump. He boasts results of hundreds of athletes that he has trained to over 40 inch verticals and proves that his book works with his own 44 inch vertical.

The Jump Manual starts out with Jacob explaining how all of the vertical jump training started and what he did in the beginning. Then he moves on to explain the nine essential variables of an explosive vertical. These are very important and should be reviewed constantly for advice.

The book then transitions to tell you the laws of vertical jump improvement. These are extremely useful because they tell you when you need to change a part of your workout or how to do a certain part better. You need to refer to this section frequently because it is always helpful no matter what stage of your workout you are in.

Later on Jacob explains the Max Explosion Workout. You are shown a 14-day routine chart with what you are supposed to do each day. It is a very simple chart to understand and provides a link to each workout.

The next section explains what you need to do for your post-workout. This is an extremely important phase of your workout, and Jacob explains exactly what to do to maximize your muscle gains. Incredibly useful!

Jacob even includes a little section at the end explaining why you need to change your workout around a little bit. He tells you to contact him to help change around your exercise. This is really helpful because you will stop gaining as many inches and you did originally, so you need to change around your workout.

A really great aspect of this ebook is that there are videos throughout it that you can watch in the book. So not only can you read about how to jump higher, but you can see firsthand what you have to do. It is just another great part of the book that is already one of the most popular vertical jump books online today.

If you really want to increase your vertical jump, then you need to read the Jump Manual. It is a sure way to increase your vertical, and it provides all the information you need.

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  • Mrzik July 24, 2010, 3:50 am

    I’ve already bought this ebook. Very helpful training program. it pretty much has everything you need to start increase your vertical jump. But of course, it all depends on you motivation.

  • Rick December 14, 2010, 5:36 am

    I bought this program for my two sons who both play basketball competitively. It is a comprehensive program that covers all the basics but it is intense and strenuous. My older son was able to complete the program and saw good gains in his vertical jump. At not quite 5’11” he is able to dunk easily now with either hand from one leg or both. My younger son found the program too hard on his knees and was not able to complete it. Anyone using this program should realize it is a good program but it is hard on the body!

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